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Fidelity Express money order and walk-in bill pay services offer convenient and reliable ways for you to take care of life’s essentials, including utility bill, rent and insurance payments.

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Both the serial number and the amount on the money order are required to verify.

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  • Do money orders expire?
    • Fidelity Express money orders do not expire. However, if it is not used (presented for payment) within two years of the purchase date, there will be a non-refundable service fee deducted from the amount of payment shown on the money order. The service charge is $2.00 per month (subject to change without notice) from the date of purchase or such lesser amount as may be permitted by applicable law.

  • How can I find out who cashed my money order?
    • If a money order has been cashed, a photocopy of the front and back of the money order can be obtained by completing our Photocopy Request Form. Each request requires a separate form. For copies of money orders less than one year old, the processing fee is $10.00 for each request. For copies more than one year old, the processing fee is $20.00 for each request. Processing fees are non-refundable and subject to change without prior notice. Most requests are processed within 30 days.

  • How can my business verify a money order is okay to cash?
    • Please call 800-621-8030 ext. 7020 and speak to a consumer care specialist. If there are no stop or hold orders on the money order and it is good to cash, you will receive a verification number. This service is available Monday thru Friday, 8:00 – 5:00 CST. The business may also obtain login credentials to our website to log-on anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and receive a unique verification number.

  • How do I fill out a money order?
    • Sample

      Be sure to keep your receipt with serial numbers as you might need it for tracking purposes. If the money order is not cashed within two years of the issue date, a non-refundable service charge will be assessed (where permitted by law). Please see the service charge notice on the back of the Fidelity Express money order.

  • How do I request a money order photocopy or refund?
    • On this webpage, select the desired language under “Request a Money Order Refund” and “Request a Money Order Photocopy”. The forms contain the information for submission to Fidelity Express.

  • How do I request a stop payment on a money order?
    • Complete and send to us our Money Order Refund Request Form. Send the form with your purchasers receipt to Fidelity Express. Please make copies for your records. If the money order has not cashed by the time we receive your complete paperwork we will place a stop-pay on the money order and issue you a refund check usually within 10-14 days. There is a non-refundable processing fee of $20.00 (subject to change without notice). If you do not send in the fee it will be deducted from the refund. Please allow up to 30 days for processing.

  • I am the payee of a Fidelity Express Money Order and the original money order was lost or stolen. Can I get a refund?
    • Yes, we will attempt a refund if the money order has not been cashed. You will need to complete and submit to Fidelity Express a Consumer Care Affidavit. A $20.00 non-refundable processing fee (subject to change without notice) will be deducted from your refund. Please find the Consumer Care Affidavit form in English here and in Spanish here.

  • I lost my money order purchasers receipt. Can I get a refund?
    • Please call 800-621-8030 ext. 7020 to speak to a customer care specialist.

  • If I make a mistake, can I change the name on the "Pay to the Order of" line?
    • No - alterations cannot be made to a completed money order. If you hold the original money order and have your proof of purchase (receipt) - In the presence of a check cashing agent or bank cashier, you may write the phrase “Not Used For Purpose Intended” on the back of the money order and sign the back of the money order. The check casher or bank may then refund the money order. You may also send the original money order, receipt and Refund Request Form to Fidelity Express for a refund. A $5.00 non-refundable processing fee (subject to change without notice) will be deducted.

  • What do I do if my money order has been stolen?
    • Email, mail or fax all three of the following to Fidelity Express:

      1. A Fidelity Express Refund Request Form
      2. A full Police Report with the money order number on the report
      3. A copy of your photo ID

      Once we have received the proper paperwork and have confirmed the money order has not cashed, we can place a stop pay on the money order and issue a refund check less a $20.00 processing fee. Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

  • What do I need to pay my bill in person?
    • All you need to bring with you to the Fidelity Express agent location is the bill stub(s) for the payment(s) you want to make. The information required to pay the bill is included on your bill stub, which is imaged, then returned to you with a proof of payment receipt.

  • What form of payment may I use to pay my bills?
    • It depends on the agreement we have with the biller you want to pay. In most cases, if you are paying a bill to one of our contracted billers, you may pay in cash, check or money order. If you are paying a bill to one of the non-contracted billers we offer, you must pay with cash.

  • Where can I cash a money order?
    • Money orders can be cashed at check-cashiers or retailers, subject to the policies of the cashing location. Money orders can also be deposited into bank accounts. Fidelity Express agents are under no obligation to cash a money order. Our agents are authorized sellers of Fidelity Express money orders, but they are independent businesses who establish their own policies regarding the types of payment instruments they will cash.

  • Where can I pay my bill or buy a money order?
  • Will I receive proof of payment?
    • Yes, if you are making a bill payment, you will receive a validated payment receipt as proof that you made your payment. If you are buying a money order, the proof of payment is attached to the money order.